Corset Making: A Resource Guide

Back in the days of yor I thought I would put together a tutorial on how to make a corset. I obviously had never heard of the internet – because far more experience people have already created brilliant resources for creating boned undergarments to your hearts content. Instead I will point you in the direction of some links, offer a few words of wisdom, and show you the first overbust corset I made!


This will eventually become my steampunk cosplay corset. I intend to add buckles, because buckles are an integral component of steampunk.


Foundations Revealed had most everything you could need to make a corset.
– Their beginner tutorial is the best place to start.
– They have instructions on drafting your pattern
– Also check out their other patterns.
– How to insert a busk

Places to get supplies:
Farthingales corset making supplies

swing latch busk tutorial
Drafting an underbust corset (the construction remains the same)



  • Corsets are not that scary to make. No really. I am serious. Mostly they involve the following of specific steps, sewing straight lines, and math.
  • Corsets are kind of expensive to make.
    • Though not all of it, you can get the fabirc on the cheaper side (I for instance used some curtains I found at goodwill for the outer fabic).
    • But good steel boning can cost a penny or two, and mostly the busk is silly expensive…
  • You don’t need a traditional busk.
    • I put in a zipper, which works well.
    • Normal hooks and eyes will do (the bigger kind), they just won’t look as pretty.
    • You can make funky things like this drawer clasp busk.
    • Also you can be busk-less (you might want a friend to lace you up in this case).
  • Follow the instructions in order (this might just be advice for past Lauren
  • Go for bight colored bias tape for the boning channels. No one will see it but you, and it is totally worth it.



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