Easy Hobbit Cloak Tutorial

It is a well known fact that movies are best seen at midnight showings. The atmosphere is seething with excitement, and the knowledge that you are going to witness the story unfold before those people who value sleep – because you know that sleep is for the weak. Furthermore it is well documented that being in costume, makes the experience a bajillion times more entertaining for you and those around you. So for the upcoming midnight release of The Hobbit I will be going as a hobbit, and my friends an elf and a ranger.

If you feel like joining me in heightening your Hobbit watching experience here is a quick and easy cloak pattern to add some Middle Earth to any get-up.

The Not completely accurate Hobbit Cloak

Hobbit Cloak 4

This was inspired by the Fellowship cloaks from The Lord of The Rings. I am using fabric that I had on hand, and considering I will be sitting in the dark most the time I am wearing it I doubt people will mind it’s not as authentic as it could be…

Also you’ll have to hold out for action pictures, I am going to be putting up some sweet group shots of me and my friends later.

You will need:

1.5 yards of 60in wide fabric. This will make a cloak that is around knee length, but if you want it to be longer you will need more fabric. I recommend a fabric that does not need hemming, like stretch velvet or some other type of knit as it will save you time. Though a heavier homespun wool look will make it a more rustic cloak like in LOTR. The fabric is pretty much the only component of the cloak so get whatever one will make the look you are going for – this cloak can be used for hobbit, humans, elves and dwarves!

Also thread and basic sewing supplies.

How To:

1) Make the hood first. Cut a square piece of fabric that is at least 20in by 20in (bigger is fine if you have more fabric). You want to cut this from one of the unfinished edges of the fabric so that you leave the selvedge edges intact, saving you from having to hem them.

2) Fold the square in half and sew one of the short edges together, this sewn edge is now the top of your hood. Hem the edge on the front opening, to give it a nicer finish.

Top edge of hood, with hemmed front opening.
Hobbit Cloak 1

3) For the body, gather one of the unfinished edges of the rest of the fabric, this will be the neck part of the cloak. To make gathering easier and more even sew to loose running stitches along the edge, fix one end in place and pull the top threads. Match the length of the gathered edge to the bottom unfinished edge of the hood. Sew the bottom edge of the hood hood to the gathered edge. It is your choice if you want to hem the bottom edge of the body.

Gathered edge of body sewn to bottom edge of the hood so they match in length
Hobbit Cloak 3

4) You can fasten closed by sewing to strips of fabric as ties at the neck. Or you can be silly and spend far too much time like I did making an elvish pin.

The leaf was made out of paperclay which I moulded using a template, and painted with green and silver acrylic
Elf Pin 1

Added some jewelry wire and a safety pin, fixed in place with superglue and duct tape.
Elf Pin 2

Elf Pin 3

Time to go on an adventure!


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